The courses are organised in my workshop in Costa del Silencio. On mondays in French from 11 to 14h, on tuesdays
in english and flemish also from 11 to 14h.

The first lesson is free. You just pay for the porcelain, that you can choose out of my stock. With a series of 8
lessons, for 112 Euro,
you get a 9th lesson extra for free.

Per lesson you pay extra for the following :
- - the porcelain (you may also use your (new, unused) porcelain)
- - an amount (from 2 to 10 Euro) for the use of the porcelain paint, lusters, gold and other rare metals, brushes,
products and other materials.
- - the firing of your creations in my kiln, for a normal object it is 1 Euro, for smaller objects it is 50 cent.

Once a year I organise a
workshop of a few days consecutively (mostly in February, March, April or May) for
people not living in Tenerife. The format is : holidays in Tenerife combined with a workshop during the mornings.
Lodging is to be arranged in a local hotel close to my workshop (which by the way has an excellent location for
tourism and enjoying the sun) Flight tickets and hotelbookings are to be arranged by you (although I can give you
advice). The price of the workshop is determined by the used materials and products and also the duration of the
workshop. You don't have to carry or bring along material or porcelain yourself.

For more information, send me an e-mail through the contact link on top of this page.