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Welcome dear china painting lover,

My name is Stella. Since I was a youngster, I was always drawing and painting. All kinds of creative expressions I
tried during my life: pencildrawing, charcoal, pastel, aquarel, oil and acryl, but also pottery, working with clay,
calligraphy, painting on silk, jewelry making, make-up, flower arrangements, gardening, in short: everything
regarding creativity, design, form and most of all colors, I have done.

Fifteen years ago, I met my friend Nanette, who was attending a course in porcelain painting, having been to the
art-academy for drawing and painting during many years.
When I saw what marvellous and diverse designs she could create, I decided to attend courses in porcelain painting
too. During years I learned a lot about china painting in my excellent teacher's workshop, the swiss Mrs. Solvyns in
The attractive part of painting on porcelain is, contrary to painting on canvas or paper, one can paint on daily usage
objects. But as well, it can be ornamental objects like dishes to hang on a wall, or put on a side table, or a tile
composition for wall-decoration. The possibilities to paint porcelain objects are huge, and the techniques are so
diverse that it continues to be a challenge and a passion.

At this moment, I am living on Tenerife, which is one of the Spanish Canary Islands, where I have my workshop and
I am teaching porcelain painting to an international public in english, in french and dutch.
Some pupils already have experience in painting and color, others not. In my workshop we practice different
techniques for porcelain painting. It is not necessary to be a skilled drawer to achieve very nice results, one can
work with copy paper to take over a drawing on the porcelain. In my workshop, I also paint on order, many orders
are given for personalised gifts, like weddings, birthdays, the portrait of a loved cat or dog. Many of my pupils
experience that their own painted porcelain is a highly appreciated and unique gift for friends and family.

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